5406 W 149th Place #18 – C Floorplan for Sale in Fusion for $735

**udate – as of 3/5/19 this home is now in escrow**
We’ve written quite a bit about the C floorplan currently for sale in the 5406 #18 as it’s surprising to see it still on the market.  The
C floorplan is fairly rare and the appeal generally lies in the fact that it’s significantly bigger than the smallest A and B units (around 1,000 square feet), and it offers a 2 car attached garage (A and B units have a 1 car detached garage)  My clients feedback indicates that the floorplan isn’t one of the preferred but again given the size difference between this and the smaller units it’s surprising to see it still on the market.  It certainly appears to be an indication of a slowing market in a community that was white hot in 2018.

5406 W 149th Place #18

*Square footage numbers vary as tax records and builder records show a different amount of square feet.  Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed and buyers advised to confirm all details.

Are the Two Current Listings and Indication That the Fusion Market is Slowing?

It wasn’t long ago that homes that came up for sale in Fusion didn’t last long.  Sometimes things were overpriced and didn’t sell immediately but anything priced right…sold quickly.

So is the fact that two homes have now been on the market a while an indication that the market is slowing?

In our opinion it definitely indicates a cooling in Fusion.  Although the time of year and weather (hard to believe that weather might be a factor in  Los Angeles!) have played a role in dampening (litterally) buyers moods to go and look at homes, that’s only a small part of the situation.

Of the two current listings, the home home at 5406 W 149th Place Unit#18 is now  close to 2 full months on the market at 52 days (as of 3/1) That’s a long time compared with 2018 that saw an average of only 11 days on market!  It’s a “C” floorplan which makes it a little hard to guage price (no C units have sold in quite a while) but at $735,000 it’s not too far out of line.

The other home currently on the market is an “E” floorplan at 5403 W 149th Pl # 4 that’s currently listed at $799,000. It’s a beautiful unit with upgrades throughout, custom paint, hardwood floors, and a interior location.  This was certainly one of the high demand floorplans of the past few years so the fact that it’s now been on the market for 44 days is again surprising. Given that the last E unit sold at $825,000 and the last “F” unit (fairly similar) sold at $805,000, the home at 5403 #4 currently priced at $799,000 is not priced out of line.

So How Do You Find Out About Fusion Listings Before They Hit the Market?

Many buyers are interested in finding out about listings before they hit the market…or even better….listings that won’t be coming on the market.  The advantages are obvious and knowing about homes before others can be a tremendous help when searching for a home in a seller’s market.

So how do you find out about these “off market” or “pocket” listings?

Choosing a realtor that specializes in the Fusion community and has a deep network of both owners and realtors is critical.   It’s also critical to work with an agent that is contantly reaching out to those owners and agent to get information not readily available.  We pride ourselves on being top agents in both the Fusion and  360 communities.  We often hear of listings that never make it to the MLS.

For buyers the key is not only to work with a realtor that may know of off market listings, but being ready if the right home comes along.  Unfortunately off market listings don’t stay off market for long, so being ready in terms of loan approval, finances, etc. is an important step.

We are happy to provide our clients with the information we get through our networks but we can only do this for our exclusive clients (not working with another agent) and home buyers that are ready and eager to find that perfect home.  If you would like our help contact us or fill in our Fusion listing alert request page and let us know you are interested in off market listings.

Why So Many 3 Bedrooms Selling in Fusion Lately?

Since the original development in Fusion South Bay, 3 bedroom homes have always been rare to the market.  Usually there are only a few 3 bedrooms that sell during the year due primarily to the lower numbers of larger units.  Most of the units in Fusion are two bedrooms with each building having a very limited number of three bedroom homes.  For some reason in the later parts of 2018 and early 2019 3 bedrooms seem to be the norm…not the exception.  The last 2 homes that have sold in Fusion have been “J” floorplans with all 3 bedrooms on one level.  Of the last 8 sales in Fusion 4 were larger 3 bedrooms….that’s just unheard of in the past 5 years.

Most recent sales in Fusion South Bay

2 Homes Currently for Sale in Fusion – 1/31/19 Market Update

In years past  “only” 2 weeks on the market wouldn’t have meant anything….that hasn’t been the case over the past two years with homes in Fusion often going into escrow in the first week and some selling before they even hit the market.  The average days on market for the homes that sold in Fusion in 2018 was 11.  With one home currently for sale and  on the market for 15 days and another on the market for over three weeks, does that indicate a slight slowdown or just a temporary blip due to the time of year and weather?  This is normally a slower time of year so we’ll know more as to whether the market heats up along with the weather.

As of 1/31 there are two active listings in Fusion.  The first is a “C” floorplan at 5406 W 149th Pl # 18 that is priced at $735,000 and the other an “E” floorplan at 5403 W 149th Place Unit#4 currently priced at $799,000.  E floorplans had been one of the highest demand layouts over the past 2 years.

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Fusion 2018 – Year in Review

2018 was a great year for home sales in Fusion At South Bay, one of the South Bay’s only newer construction gated communities.  There were 17 home sales with the low price of the year at $670,000 for a 1,000 (est) foot B floorplan and the highest price of the year was $855,000 for a 3 bedroom J unit.  The unit originally sold even higher but ran into appraisal issues.  The average price per foot (which doesn’t necessarily mean as much as usual as some realtors use the builders data, showing larger square footage, and some realtors use the tax assessor’s data, which is often much smaller) was $597 and median price per foot was at $602.  Located in the Hollyglen neighborhood of Hawthorne, Fusion sits just across the street from Manhattan Beach which lends itself to an even higher demand as many buyers are priced out of the adjacent neighborhoods.  The homes were generally built in 2006-2008 (with some variance).  Although there are currently no active homes for sale we do update our active Fusion listings page so visit to see any new listings.

Average days on market was 11 for the year….incredible.

Closed Price – List Price
Price per foot
Bed/ Baths
Sq Feet
Close Date
5404 W
149th PL #12
$815,000  $798,000
5410 W
149th PL #14
$805,000  $785,000
5511 W
149th PL #15
$730,000  $699,000
5509 W
149th PL #10
$680,000  $649,000
5403 W
149th PL #6
$803,000  $798,900
5507 W
149th PL #8
$700,000  $679,000
5514 W
149th PL #2
$746,999  $759,000
5405 W
149TH PL #10
$650,000  $629,000
5408 W
149th PL #4
$825,000  $810,000
5510 W
149th PL #8
$670,000  $675,000
5408 W
149th PL #7
$690,000  $649,000
5401 W
149th PL #9
$685,000  $679,000
5506 W
149th PL #2
$715,000  $725,000
5400 W
149th PL #7
$855,000  $880,000
5507 W
149th PL  #9
$695,000  $680,000
5507 W
149th PL #11
$844,000  $847,500
5404 W
149th PL #10
$685,000  $675,000

Off Market Sale at 5512 W 149th Pl # 11?

We recently noticed a 3 bedroom condo at 5512 W 149th Pl # 11 coming on the MLS at $850,000 but immediately was a pending sale.  This is often the case when something sells off market but is put on the MLS for various reasons.  The home had been on the market priced at $835,000 back towards the end of summer but the owner decided to pull it off of the market.  If the seller did end up getting this new price or higher that might have been a beneficial delay.  We’ll keep you posted when we have more information.

As of this writing there is another 3 bedroom on the market at 5402 W 149th Place Unit#12.  3 bedroom units are fairly rare as the bulk of the units in Fusion are 2 bedrooms so it’s especially rare to see 2 different 3 bedroom units on the market.

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Finally a New Listing in Fusion South Bay – 5402 W 149th Place #12

By Keith Kyle

It’s been a while since anything came on the market in Fusion but there’s finally a new listing.  5402 W 149th Place #12 is a J floorplan (see video walkthrough of a J layout) that came on the market priced at $829,000.  The J unit is a rare 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath.  Square footage is listed at 1660 square feet but builder data shows 1730 sq feet.  The home offers some upgrades with granite counters, stainless appliances and some hardwood floors in the kitchen area.  The listing agent is Gina Hoffman of Palm Realty Boutique

Email us for more information or to set up a private showing or call us.

Finally a New Listing Coming on the Market in Fusion

It’s been a while since anything was for sale in Fusion but we’re getting word that something new is finally coming on the market.  Later this week we should see a “J” floorplan come on the market around $829,000.  Visit our current listings in Fusion page later in the week to take a look or contact us to ask about this upcoming listing.

Currently No Homes for Sale in Fusion South Bay

What has already been a fairly slow few months in Fusion South Bay has gotten even slower with no new listings on the market in the last month. As Fusion is just across the street from Manhattan Beach but priced in an entirely different range, this has become a very high demand community. With so little inventory the demand certainly doesn’t show signs of easing anytime soon. While there are currently no homes for sale 360 South Bay may be an alternative for buyers. You can also visit our Fusion listings for an updated list of homes for sale when new listings hit the market.

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**We are not directly affiliated with Fusion at South Bay. Homes and units are all individually owned. We represent many buyers and sellers in the community but the homes for sale and past listings may be represented by other real estate professionals