Is the Fusion Real Estate Market Cooling?

In 2018 homes for sale in Fusion South Bay didn’t last long.   The average days on market for homes that sold last year was only 10 days.  Given that those numbers don’t even tell the accurate picture (many homes had multiple offers within the first few days and negotiations took several days) so in general most homes sold within a week of being listed.  Thats incredible!

Is 2019 going to be different?

If the two current listings are any indication the answer is yes.   While they may somewhat be victims of bad timing and bad weather, the two homes for sale have been on the market far longer than last years average.  The “C” floorplan at 5406 W 149th Place Unit#18 which was priced at $735,000 went on the market on January 8th has now officially reached the one month mark. That was almost unheard of in 2018. The second home is a usually high demand “E” floorplan at 5403 W 149th Place Unit#4 and it has now been on the market for over 3 weeks. Given that the last two sales of “E” and “F” units (which are fairly similar and appeal to similar buyers) sold at $805,000 and $825,000 the $799,000 list price on 5403 W 149th Place Unit#4 is certainly appealing. The location is good and upgrades and condition is great. Only time will tell if this is just a temporary blip due to the time of year and weather, or the beginning of a cooling real estate market in Fusion.

Why So Many 3 Bedrooms Selling in Fusion Lately?

Since the original development in Fusion South Bay, 3 bedroom homes have always been rare to the market.  Usually there are only a few 3 bedrooms that sell during the year due primarily to the lower numbers of larger units.  Most of the units in Fusion are two bedrooms with each building having a very limited number of three bedroom homes.  For some reason in the later parts of 2018 and early 2019 3 bedrooms seem to be the norm…not the exception.  The last 2 homes that have sold in Fusion have been “J” floorplans with all 3 bedrooms on one level.  Of the last 8 sales in Fusion 4 were larger 3 bedrooms….that’s just unheard of in the past 5 years.

Most recent sales in Fusion South Bay

2 Homes Currently for Sale in Fusion – 1/31/19 Market Update

In years past  “only” 2 weeks on the market wouldn’t have meant anything….that hasn’t been the case over the past two years with homes in Fusion often going into escrow in the first week and some selling before they even hit the market.  The average days on market for the homes that sold in Fusion in 2018 was 11.  With one home currently for sale and  on the market for 15 days and another on the market for over three weeks, does that indicate a slight slowdown or just a temporary blip due to the time of year and weather?  This is normally a slower time of year so we’ll know more as to whether the market heats up along with the weather.

As of 1/31 there are two active listings in Fusion.  The first is a “C” floorplan at 5406 W 149th Pl # 18 that is priced at $735,000 and the other an “E” floorplan at 5403 W 149th Place Unit#4 currently priced at $799,000.  E floorplans had been one of the highest demand layouts over the past 2 years.

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